Exterior Painting

Custom Craft Painting offers premium exterior painting for your home or small business. Our years of experience has given us the ability to get the curb appeal your home or business  deserves.

When our crew arrives at your house we like to set up our tools in a location that won't interfere with you and your family. The next step we would power wash your house to remove all dirt,  spider webs and bugs. A clean surface will help ensure good paint adhesion for strong durability  and longevity. It is important to let things dry before we start scraping and sanding because it  will severely gouge the wood.

The next day, we start scraping all the loose and peeling areas. Again this is important that the  scraping is done well to stop moisture from forming here causing the paint to lift once again.  When we determine we got all the loose paint off, we will sand these areas as smooth as  possible. Spot priming with a high quality, stain resist primer is the next step. We want the bare  wood areas to be sealed from any moisture penetrating the surface. If the areas we scraped are  deep, we must fill them with an exterior filler. The filler is then sanded smooth and primed. We  also fill the nail holes, dents and caulk the cracks ( eg. around window frames and sills) to  prevent moisture from getting behind the paint. We sand all window frames, doors and door  frames to make sure they are smooth and to score the surface so the paint will stick. Making the siding and trim water resistant will add more life to your new paint. We make sure your  sidewalks, driveways, decks, gardens and all other surfaces are protected from any unwanted  paint splatter and drips.

The first coat to the siding will be brushed and rolled or sprayed and back rolled. It is important the new paint is worked into the surface and applied in an even consistent manner. The trim is  usually brushed or brushed and rolled. We want these areas to look as smooth as possible.

Before we start the second coat, we check for imperfections and make the necessary repairs  and apply the second coat. Two coats is always recommended. The extra film of paint adds to  the durability, longevity and the overall consistent look of the new paint. We want your home to  look as smart as possible, so we will make sure all lines are straight and crisp.

The paint we have had a lot of success with is General Paint's "Super Deck Solid Stain". This  product is an emulsion of an oil solid stain and a latex solid stain. Because it is a solid stain it is  a self priming product with very high adhesion qualities to wood, metal and previously painted  surfaces. Super Deck Stain also has very good sealing qualities, eliminating any discoloration from bleeding through. As I said before this stain can be used as a primer coat. A high quality exterior acrylic latex can now be applied on top.

On completion of the exterior painting project we will do all the necessary touch ups, clean up the work site, dispose of the garbage and label the left over paint for your reference and use in  the future. We want you, as the customer, to be very happy with the end result. We would like to  have your business again, use you as a reference and for you to pass our name along to your  friends and neighbors.

If you have hired painters in the past, you realize that all painters are not created equal. This is  particularly true if you want good detailed work. Also it has been proven many times, and any knowledgeable realtor would agree, a home that is well looked after will attract a top dollar when it is time to sell.

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